The Most Dangerous Android Malware 2015

Usually factory reset or reinstalling the OS is the most powerful way to clean stubborn malware. However, recently discovered a malware in Android that will not be lost even though the mobile OS has been reinstalled. Malware is usually slipped in popular applications that have been modified. The application will have the same user experience […]

How to Download ShowBox App for Android and Pc

In today’s market, there is widespread smartphone usage. A majority of the population owns an Android device these days from kids to adults. There is a significant escalation for the amount of application in app stores. You will see a lot of competition as in the app market these apps are flourishing. Like never before, […]

This is The Reason : Photos From Flea Market Valued 5 Million Dollars

In 2010, a man from California, USA, named Randy Guijarro buy a piece of old photos at a flea market at the price of 2 dollars. Who would have thought, it turns shabby tintype photograph depicts a rare figure of Billy The Kid, US cowboy bandit rampant in the days of the wild west. Now, […]

5 Browser Tested, This Browser Makes Battery Drains Too Fast

Five desktop version of the browser application is tested to determine battery consumption is needed. Apparently, of all the tested browsers, Google Chrome becomes most voracious power. Tests conducted by the Digital Citizen using three different laptop that is running the operating system Windows 10. They are fitted with Chrome browser, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, […]

CEO of Microsoft, Income Reaches $ 18 Million This Year


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella earn more than US $ 18 million during the January until June 30, according to the company’s annual statement released on October 19. As part of the compensation package, Nadella get 120 percent of annual cash awards, a bonus of $ 4.3 million. “The amount is calculated based on the performance […]